Home Gardens Update:

Save Gaza is ready to launch its first Home Gardening Project. 30 families have been identified for training in methods of sustainable gardening including composting and water conservation. Each family has a space to garden and will have access to water, seedlings, and small plants to begin the planting. All resources have been identified however implementation has come to a halt due to a lack of funding.

$3,000 is urgently needed in the coming weeks in order to provide the training seminars and for the purchase of chickens and vegetable plants. Each family will receive 5 chickens and several different vegetable plants to jump start their home gardens for greater success and sustainability. We need your immediate help to get the project started at the beginning of September.


$15 gets each participating family educational materials with an emphasis on health and nutrition, organic gardening, and methods of composting.

$20 gives each family vegetable seedlings and small plants including cauliflower, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, peppers and cabbage.

$30 gives each family 5 chickens.

$50 trains 10 families on values of composting, domestic animals, and gardening.

$100 sponsors 3 families, 3 gardens. 

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