My Parents Seem to Be Quite Happy

Of course my father was born on a farm. When I was a kid we would go back to the eastern part of North Carolina, some times I would stay with one of my grandparents all summer long riding horses and driving their tractors. At any rate they bought ten acres of land and they seem as happy as can be. It is only about twenty minutes from where we live and they made sure that there is room for all of the grandchildren to sleepover. I went up today and found them planting fruit tree saplings on both sides of the gravel driveway or road that runs from the road to the house and then to the lake. The Lake does not belong to them completely I think that they own about two acres out of around six acres. There is a real farm on the other side of it, but it does not seem as though anyone ever fishes there.

I think someone must have told Dad about this lake. He sent up a feeder for the fish and built a floating dock. He has an old aluminum john boat. At any rate when the sun was ready to go down he grabbed his fishing pole and so did about half a dozen kids. They all had topwater spoons or plugs. This is not only the most effective way to catch fish early in the morning or late in the day, but it is far and away the most fun. Jimmy seemed to have mastered the art and after about three casts his spoon was hit viciously by a four pound largemouth bass. It put up a terrific fight and Dad started to coach him, but without being too nosey. After about two minutes I got in a net and we took pictures before we threw it back to grow some more.

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