Started Working on My New Shop

It is going to be about a month or two before I move the operation, but I have found a nice big place to build my new shop. It sits right on Lake Erie and I used to fish near there when I was a kid. We would ride our bikes down there and play in this big field not far away. I have to get some new gear to start with, so I ordered some stuff from canada mag drills to improve efficiency. The reason we need the new shop is because we have some new business that we need to get out the door quicker and I am going to start out by having the operation focused on one specific job. The building is really too big for our current needs, but that is going to change if things go the right way and I want to be ready for growth obviously. In this case I was not ready for success until it all of a sudden hit me that we had to have more of everything.

The big thing was to finance what we needed and it took some time to find a banker who was ready to accept the risk of what I am doing. This is risky too, there is not much way around it. If things go bad then I am going to be in a huge mess and there will not be any other person to blame for it. Obviously I could have gone on the way things were and never risked anything. I was making good enough money and there was more work than we could manage. Obviously if things go the way that I plan then every thing shall be just wonderful, but I am looking at how to fix it if they do not go well.

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