We Are Working on Our Garden

I guess I have moved into the house beside my father in law, but it is not bad at all. Martin is a really nice guy and he is a really smart man who knows everything about growing his own food. Now he is a somewhat retired insurance agent, meaning that he has a fair number of clients he retained after he stopped selling insurance full time. They come over and he shows them how he collects rain water in big water tanks buried in the ground. He has a greenhouse where he dabbles in hydroponics. I kid him that the police might go through his trash and think he is growing pot, but instead he just likes to have fresh vegetables year round. He was delighted when I told him I was going to let him help me grow even more food. It is hard work, but I find it relaxing. In particular I never had my own yard except for a short time when I lived with my grandfather in South Carolina. I know almost nothing about gardening.

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