Phase one of the home gardening project has come to an end. An end to the preparations, trainings, discussions, and handouts. In a matter of months, Save Gaza has accomplished what it set out to accomplish.

Now, Palestinians are being tested. The difference this time is that the end result will be empowering and liberating. A small community of women have been given an opportunity to challenge their environment. With just a few seeds and chickens, we will watch the home gardens flourish into something beyond the Israeli occupation. No amount of bullets, rockets, F-16s, sonic booms, can take away from these women the strength they find in their gardens.

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Never will we see or read in the news, this strength. Instead we will be masked with the images of violence and terror, but that’s ok. The less publicity they get the better. The easier it will be then to divest and silently break the cycle of dependency.

Day 3 and the Chickens:

Hanan bagging some plants, there were three kinds of plants
and the rest were seedlings.

Training Day 2:

Second trainer Jamal, also agricultural engineer.

Ahlam, Director of the Women’s Rural Organization whose
space was used for the training.

Sara, Amani, Hanna & Fatima

Training Day 1:

Basil, one of the trainers. He’s an Agricultural Engineer

Hanan, one of the 20 women, sharing with the group old
methods of composting passed down from her father.

The entire group